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Kaiti Garbi

Katerina "Katy" Garbi (Greek: Κατερίνα "Καίτη" Γαρμπή, pronounced born 8 June 1961) is a Greek singer active in Greece and Cyprus, with some popularity in Turkey.


DJ Valentino

DJ Valentino has a great history on his shoulders, starting his career as resident DJ at the famous Mercedes Club, Amfitheatro, and Privilege night spots.


Vasilis Koutonias

Dj Vasilis Koutonias is one of the most promising DJs in Greece. His career is supremely remarkable and he has been one of the most booked Greek DJs with special guests to all of Europe and the United States.


Dj Reisopoulos

Giorgos Reisopoulos has been mixing for about 15 years and has gone through the decks of the most famous clubs in Athens and Greek territory, either as a Resident DJ or as a Guest


Nikos Souliotis

Even though his parents intended him for an accountant, he never stepped into the department. Fortunately, because the accountant's "sleeves" could not mix with anything! Nikos Souliotis, with his talent in music, was found from the age of 17 in front of the decks of the most famous Greek clubs, to become a d.j. Its DJ sets play loudly through the First Music Station of Cyprus. Tune in for a crazy party every Saturday and Sunday!


Antonis Dimitriadis

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