Giorgos Reisopoulos

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It is a record label of the production company of Christodoulos Siganos and Dj Valentino. The great recognition in this field came when the official club version of Hellenic Hit, “Panos Kallidis – Coupe” was released under his own name.

He also has released with Spicy and Feelgood, as well as independent productions. From 2016, Giorgos Reisopoulos mixes the biggest Greek successes in iSexy GreekShow, in 50 selected FM radio stations in Greece, but also in Cyprus, Germany, Canada, America, and Australia every week.


You also hear him mix for Dj Valentino, Valentino Non-Stop Mix.

In addition, for one year (April 2016 – April 2017), the SFERA MIX 102.2 By Valentino

Giorgos Reisopoulos has been mixing for about 15 years and has gone through the decks of the most famous clubs in Athens and Greek territory, either as a Resident DJ or as a Guest. His most recent collaborations in the capital include “Theme,” “Mind The Gap,” as well as “Bogart” in Kolonaki, and you can listen to him every Tuesday at Rio SkyBar Athens Gazi and Maroussi, at one of the major clubs of the region, “Guess Club”, some Saturdays every month as well as all year round touring in Greece and abroad. His artistic curriculum could not include cross-border appearances, especially in Germany, as they are particularly popular in the Greek community. For example, Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf, and Königsburg in Krefeld have appeared in two of the biggest concert venues in Chora, Club Rex, Prime in Troisdorf, and Enigma in Haagen. Outside the border, it has also appeared for Private Greek Parties in the United Arab Emirates.

Official UEFA DJ for Greece, being the musical editor at one of the world’s largest sports institutions, at the Fan Zones of the Champions League final 2006-07 at the Athens Olympic Stadium.

– DJ of the multinational Nestle in all its events involving the Nescafe brand for 5 consecutive years.

– Guest DJ for two consecutive years at the Athens Tuning Show, which took place at the former Athens International Airport in the Hellenic District.

– DJ on behalf of Forthnet at the 10th Forthnet Beach Volley Tournament in Athens, Thessaloniki, and Heraklion, Crete.

– Owner of ReissCrew Music Production


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