Konstantinos Argiros


Konstantinos Argyros was born on May 21, 1986, in Athens, while his origins are from Lefkada!

At the age of five starts the first piano lessons, solo, harmony and not only! The “microbe” of the music that was hiding inside him “woke up” when he started to deal daily with the piano his parents had at home! That’s how his contact with music begins, and his “relationship” to the piano is still a reference point in his life! Every day he spends several hours of the day studying and composing his own songs!¬†Always anxious spirit, a good student at the school, chairman of the 15-member, and during his teens he creates with his classmates his first band “Blues Brothers” playing music at school events and not only. Completing the High School is introduced to Nursing, but it has changed all the time, since at the same time it participates in Fame Story 3, drawing very good comments despite its young age!¬†Alongside his career, Konstantinos ARGYROS is always next to children and vulnerable social groups from November 2014 and for two years he becomes the “Wish Star Sponsor” of the non-profit Organization “Make A Wish – Make a Wish of Greece” helping the important work of the organization that implements the wishes of children suffering from serious illnesses through the “Star of Desire” program.

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