Demy’s love affair with music started at a very early age, with piano lessons at the young age of five, before even going to school. Meanwhile, she enrolled for the school choir and also attended music theory and harmony lessons, while she hasn’t stopped taking vocal coaching as well as piano lessons up until today.
Her musical influences come from many different kinds of music, out of which she distinguishes jazz, soul, rock n’ roll, and R’n’B, aiming to experiment with every one of her songs, as she avoids categorizing herself in one particular kind of music.
After her official launch in the music world in 2011, Demy has enjoyed a series of successful collaborations with well-known Greek artists and has released several singles that gained both national and international acclaim.
During the past two years, she has started a stage career resulting in leading roles in big-scale musical productions.
In her free time, Demy is a diligent Law student.

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